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cheap louis vuitton outlet lace and other fabrics to show women's soft and beautiful. In the fashion and classic reincarnation, the collision between Chinese tradition and the world fashion, Tian Xiang series brings us a taste of the true meaning of beauty, interpretation of the 'fashion is the art of time, time for art to become a classic.' CC16 spring summer fragrant series Q: Shenzhen original design fashion week A: Su Xi Q: Shenzhen original design fashion week this platform for you mean? A: Shenzhen original design Fashion Week organizers proposed to support and support the independent designer brand for the original designer to build commercial channel platform for the original designer brand growth and local landing docking provides a good platform. Shenzhen original design Fashion Week led the original design, which has always insisted CC brand without original, not completely consistent with the design concept, so we are willing to participate. Original design will become the leading force of innovation in Chinese clothing louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store through this platform so that more people see also believe that the power of Chinese original design! In recent years, many around the fashion week, CC also received many fashion week invitation, but did not participate. Fashion Week T station is every brand and designers dream of the most glorious moment, but the CC will have a choice, a really good designers can not only control the bustling T station, should allow the works to return to their real life, Walking in the plain years. CC16 spring summer fragrant series Q: You have participated in a number of fashion week at home and abroad, compared to other international fashion week, we need to improve and pay attention to what place? A: CC to participate in every fashion week, whether international or domestic, the actual characteristics of their own strengths are short, each CC regarded it as a precious learning exchange, enhance the opportunity to charge, it will The intention to experience those surprises than expected harvest or not perfect place. louis vuitton purses outlet

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louis vuitton handbags outlet Even the four fashion week, I believe that every time there are defects and can improve the space. Shenzhen Fashion Week to the CC point of view, the second has been greatly improved than the first session and changes, whether individuals or teams, the attitude of all decisions, appreciate the original design Fashion Week team this brainstorming, and constantly improve the upgrade Professional attitude. T station can enrich a number of creative space, a single T station is not conducive to the designer brand style display, the scene can not be well with the interpretation of the series theme, brand genes and traits can only identify the T station can not identify; site observer identity verification screening criteria Can be more stringent number, in order to ensure the professional degree and precision observation staff; venue capacity can be larger, you can also set up a VIP channel; each show, the designer should be outside the market or brand video image release , In order to play the designer louis vuitton factory outlet