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Wireless Applications Provide Improved Turnaround Execution


Ndustrial facilities have recently discovered industrial wireless applications drastically improve turnaround project execution time. With applications such as collaboration, workflow and mobility, facilities have much better communication, access to data and overall efficiencies during turnaround projects. In addition, these facilities have discovered by having real-time data at their fingertips on everything from asset location, personnel safety, productivity and equipment conditions, they can better control performance, deadlines, budgets, compliance, asset utilization and more. Process management becomes simpler and performance more efficient.

The advanced field of wireless solutions can combine sensors, video, communications and mobility applications to give operators real-time insight into their operations, whether in a control room, at a specific site or in the field. With such a solution, they can improve operational efficiency, real-time visibility, data accuracy, on time performance, risk management or more during a turnaround and afterward.

Installations of wireless networks plus communication and mobile hand-held devices help manage turnaround planning and scheduling. Real-time data such as collaboration applications allow work teams to communicate collaboratively with message streams filtered according to topic, avoiding unnecessary distractions. With wireless mobility applications, mobile users can view and contribute to the stream via mobile devices such as phones or electronic tablets. Tailoring communications so everyone contributes and receives strictly relevant messages, and in real time, vastly improves communication within and around an industrial facility, leading to enhanced productivity, efficiency and shorter turnaround projects.

Implementing an open wireless network that combines multiple protocols and technologies to accommodate various equipment enables operators to build a centralized mobile database providing immediate access to critical data during turnarounds such as corrective actions, maintenance procedures, rounds, or safety verification being performed by the operator at the point of decision making in the field.

Operators are finding wireless can reduce safety or process incident rates because of real-time access to shutdown and start-up Procedures via hand-held devices. There are many examples of how facilities have implemented wireless to improve their turnaround executions. The bottom line is all of them have the same high-level objectives to improve performance, productivity and profits. With cost saving opportunities of as much as $1 million per day and the technology investment of less than 1 percent of the turnaround budget, it’s easy to justify the investment.

It’s critical to select a wireless solution provider with deep in-the-field experience as well as wide knowledge across the spectrum of wireless technologies, and is open to using best-in-class devices. With the right partner and relatively minimal investment, industrial enterprises are cutting significant time and costs while improving performance and productivity during and beyond their turnarounds.

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