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Oct 25, 2011

WWII spitfire MJ789 plane to be preserved from corrosion

For 66 years, the remains of a brave Spitfire pilot and his plane lay on a river bed off Normandy in France. The pilot, identified as Flight Lieutenant Henry `Lacy’ Smith, 27, from Sydney, was buried with full military..

FAA Warns of Corrosion on Boeing 757 Tails

U.S. regulators want airlines to check for corrosion on movable tail parts on hundreds of Boeing 757 jets that could result in pilots losing control of aircraft.

Oct 05, 2011

Electric Airplane Flies 200 Miles on 0.5 Gallons equivilent per passenger

They say flying is the safest form of transportation, but it is also a big-time contributor to global emissions. Now I’m not saying electric airplanes are going to take over the sky anytime soon, but the winner of NASA’s

Aug 03, 2011

Aircraft system co-developed by SolarWorld wins Lindbergh Prize

Erik Lindbergh, founder of the electric-aviation promotion organization LEAP and grandson of pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh, today announced it has awarded its Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft Vision Award...

Jul 27, 2011

SolarWorld presents electric aircraft, Elektra One

SolarWorld, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar panels for more than 35 years, will showcase the maiden U.S. appearance of a zero-emissions electric aircraft at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 in Oshkosh, Wis., starting..

Jul 12, 2011

eGenius sets electric record with 211-mile, 100-plus mph flight

A team from the University of Stuttgart has flown into aviation history by averaging over 100 miles per hour for more than two hours, completing a 211-mile trip powered solely by electricity. The eGenius, essentially...

Jun 28, 2009

Power from Space

The California utility company PG&E announced a program to beam energy from space, where it would be collected and beamed back to Earth. The program has a target of 200 MW of power by 2016.