Inspection & Testing Services

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Inspection & Testing Services

Tubular Inspection

TechCorr is a full service inspection, testing and reliability engineering company. TechCorr brings together the most advanced technology available with qualified, trained, and certified personnel to solve the toughest industry problems. TechCorr is a worldwide leader offering over four hundred (400) qualified, experienced, certified and reliable individuals with expertise in inspection, non-destructive testing, and advanced non-destructive testing. With over eighteen (18) offices throughout the world our company is well equipped to handle nearly any reliability program requirement no matter the complexity or location.

TechCorr Service Lines include:

Inspection and Testing Services

Our clients rely on TechCorr for managing their day to day inspection and testing requirements whether rolling out a mechanical integrity program, supporting expansion projects, or providing additional support during routine and emergency plant outages. With our large and diverse group of inspectors and technicians we can ramp up projects quickly no matter where the project exists.


Tubular Services

NDE Services
inTANK® Robotic and Conventional Tank Inspection Services
Advanced Services