Drone Inspection

TechCorr‘s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Licensed Commercial Drone operations utilize various types of Unmanned Operated Technology to visually examine the condition of accessible equipment.  We own and operate a fleet of visual, thermal, and confined space solutions.

Applications include but not limited to:

  • Above Ground Storage Tank & Reactor Internal Structures
  • External Visual Inspections of Above Ground Storage Tanks & Reactors
  • API 570 Visual Inspection of Overhead (Inaccessible) Piping
  • Chimney and Flare Stack Inspections using Visual & Thermography
  • Underside Platform Inspections
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Bridge Structural Inspections
  • Disaster Area Surveys


Techcorr is an approved and licensed supplier of remote visual inspection technologies utilizing unmanned aerial systems otherwise known as drones.  Techcorr can perform internal visual inspections on difficult to access equipment such as vessels, towers, large bore piping, boilers, storage tanks, spheres, stacks, flares, and similar equipment.  Utilizing these services is a cost-effective way to save time and money.

Drones can be deployed from outside the equipment and flown internally eliminating the need to place personnel inside the confined space.  Utilizing a drone to perform a visual inspection will reduce the amount of time the equipment is out-of-service by minimizing or eliminating the amount of scaffolding, lighting, personnel and other such equipment that would typically be needed to perform an internal inspection.  This method is by far the safest and fastest way to get you back on-line and up and running.



Techcorr is Federally licensed and an approved supplier of remote visual inspection technologies.  Our pilots and crew are FAA Part 107 Licensed and have over 30 years’ experience from gasoline-powered helicopters to the more frequently used multi-rotor platforms of today.  Our pilots and crew are not only FAA certified to fly we also hold certificate’s in API 510/570/653.  We use state of the art cameras to capture high-resolution photos along with the use of thermal technology we are sure to have a custom solution for you.  Call for a custom quote and let us get started on creating the right inspection plan that fits your needs.