Persons In Charge

TechCorr ‘s asset integrity and maintenance program offer Person-in-Charge (PIC) who are responsible for Pipeline Construction/Repair and Storage Tank Construction/Repair projects. We act as our client representative’s eyes and ears while overseeing all aspects of any project.

Our personnel is able to carry out the following task(s):

  • Monitors and Coordinates Field Construction Activities
  • Receives Project-Specific Direction from Company Representative
  • Schedules Field Work with Contractors
  • Coordinates Work Between Contractors
  • Reviews and Verifies Compliance with Job Specific DOT Operator Qualification (OQ) Requirements (OQ Certified in Abnormal Operations, Pipeline Maintenance, and Corrosion Maintenance)
  • Monitors and Maintains Compliance with Work-Hour Limits and Time-Off Requirements
  • Prepares and Secures Approval for Facility Permits – Authorization to Work (ATW), Hot Work, Cold Work, Confined Space Entry, Excavation, etc.
  • Responsible for Site Safety Orientation and Control
  • Performs Routine Safety Inspections such as Trenching and Shoring, Welding, Confined Space, Working from Heights, etc.
  • Coordinates and Participates in Inspections performed by Third-Party Safety Inspection Specialist such as Critical Lifts, Scaffoldings, Excavations =/> 20 feet, High Voltage Electrical =/> 4800 volts and Diving.
  • Performs Safety Observation Conversations (SOC) and Participates in Extended Audits
  • First Responder for Safety and Environmental Incidents
  • Understands and follows Company Response and Notification Procedures
  • Maintains Construction Documentation – Safety, Environmental, Regulatory Compliance, QA/QC, Progress Reports, etc.
  • Reviews and Completes Pre- and Post-Construction Checklists
  • Prepares and Distributes Daily Construction Reports (Progress, Crew Size and Classification, Equipment List, Safety and Environmental Performance, Plans for the Following Day)
  • Verifies and Documents Adherence to Material Specifications – Purchase Orders, Material Test Reports (MTR’s), Material Transfers, etc.
  • Verifies and Documents Adherence to Construction Standards and Specifications (Welding, Material Handling, Coating, Ditch Safety, Critical Lifts, etc.)
  • Verifies and Documents Compliance with Outside Permit Conditions
  • Verifies and Documents Adherence to Company and Industry Standards and Codes
  • Verifies and Documents Contractor’s OQ Certification for Specific Tasks
  • Gathers Information and Completes Repair & Inspection (R&I) Reports
  • Finalizes Post-Construction Documentation and Transmits to Construction Lead for Review
  • Provides On-Site Communication with Regulatory Agencies & Municipalities
  • Works With Land Owners to Resolve On-Site Issues (Within Regulatory, Environmental, and ROW Stipulations)

TechCorr also offers additional qualifications with our Person-in-Charge program such as:

  • AWS CWI (Certified Welding Inspector)
  • NACE CIP Level I, Level II or Level III (Coatings Inspector)
  • API 653 (Storage Tanks)
  • API TES (Storage Tank Entry Supervisor)
  • API 1169 (Pipeline Construction Supervisor)