Semi- Conductor

TechCorr provides visual testing (VT) services for multiple industries and assets.  Typically, these services are performed while the asset remains in-service, during maintenance outages or while under construction.  Our certified inspectors not only identify discrepancies for code and regulatory compliance but also offer quality control services during fabrication and/or construction of equipment and facilities.

TechCorr follows the certification requirements from the American Petroleum Institute (API) and offers the following technical personnel:

API 653 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspectors
API 510 Pressure Vessel Equipment Inspectors
API 570 Piping Equipment Inspectors
API 936 Refractory Material Inspectors
API 579 Fitness for Service Engineer Assessments
API 580/1 Risk Based Assessment Approaches

Additionally, TechCorr provides:

NACE I & II Coating Inspectors
NACE I & II CP Technicians
CWI – Certified Welding Inspectors

TechCorr utilizes the Visual AIM smart tablet inspection platform to perform efficient and effective visual inspection reports, in a tenth the time of manual reports.

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