TechCorr USA offers Manufacturing Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Asset Integrity

At TechCorr USA, we take pride in our dedication to serving a wide spectrum of manufacturing and processing facilities globally. With our specialized knowledge in both traditional and cutting-edge nondestructive testing and examination (NDT & NDE), inspection, engineering, rope access-enabled services, and condition-based monitoring, we have consistently met the demands of major industrial entities, providing tailored solutions.

Efficiency and reliability stand as fundamental pillars in the fiercely competitive manufacturing landscape. Our adept technicians and engineers have supported numerous clients in optimizing the performance of production equipment. Through meticulously planned maintenance schedules, routine and emergency diagnostic procedures, as well as strategic asset integrity management programs, we ensure minimal disruptions and cost-effective outcomes.

Our suite of services addresses pivotal concerns for manufacturing facilities, including:

  • Minimizing downtime and extending the lifespan of assets
  • Rapid responses to unforeseen disruptions caused by equipment failures
  • Streamlining routine maintenance and scheduled downtime
  • Access to comprehensive diagnostic data for robust asset integrity management programs
  • Collaboration with experienced reliability engineers boasting decades of expertise


In alignment with safety, quality, environmental, and regulatory standards, our solutions effectively confront even the most intricate manufacturing challenges. Delve into our success stories with other facilities and allow us to craft customized solutions aligned with your unique objectives and priorities.


Failure Investigations and Proactive Planning for Manufacturing

At TechCorr USA, we boast a wealth of experience in conducting failure investigations across diverse industries. Whether it’s related to hip implants, printed circuit boards, steam turbine blades, or HRSGs, we recognize the criticality of each component within a system and the potential costly consequences of failures. Leveraging our technical proficiency and hands-on experience, we efficiently pinpoint failure mechanisms, develop proactive plans, and assess the condition of similar equipment or components. With a track record encompassing tens of thousands of investigations, we have refined our capacity to offer actionable insights that prevent recurring issues.