Visual Inspection

TechCorr provides visual testing (VT) services for multiple industries and assets.  Typically, these services are performed while the asset remains in-service, during maintenance outages or while under construction.  Our certified inspectors not only identify discrepancies for code and regulatory compliance but also offer quality control services during fabrication and/or construction of equipment and facilities.

TechCorr follows the certification requirements from the American Petroleum Institute (API) and offers the following technical personnel:

  • API 653 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspectors
  • API 510 Pressure Vessel Equipment Inspectors
  • API 570 Piping Equipment Inspectors
  • API 936 Refractory Material Inspectors
  • API 579 Fitness for Service Engineer Assessments
  • API 580/1 Risk Based Assessment Approaches


Additionally, TechCorr provides:

  • NACE I & II Coating Inspectors
  • NACE I & II CP Technicians
  • CWI – Certified Welding Inspectors


TechCorr utilizes the Visual AIM smart tablet inspection platform to perform efficient and effective visual inspection reports, in a tenth the time of manual reports.