Energy Industry Inspection and NDT Solutions by TechCorr USA TechCorr USA collaborates closely with the energy sector, offering cutting-edge solutions to optimize the future of power generation. Our comprehensive suite of services caters to various power sources including coal-fired, nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, and wind turbine plants. With a commitment to innovation and reliability, our solutions drive the energy industry towards enhanced asset integrity, proactive issue identification, and the reduction of costly shutdowns.

Full Suite of Services Tailored Technologies for Industry Challenges:

At TechCorr USA, we’re at the forefront of innovation, pioneering cutting-edge non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions tailored specifically for the energy sector. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures the continued efficiency and profitability of energy operations.


Advanced Inspection Solutions for Composite Materials

With the increasing use of composite materials in critical energy components, we offer high-speed inspection solutions designed to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. From wind turbine to gas turbine blades, our advanced applications deliver exceptional throughput rates, ensuring rigorous inspection requirements are met.

Specialized Inspection for Complex Environments

Navigating the intricate landscapes of industrial facilities, we provide specialized remote visual inspection (RVI) devices to non-intrusively examine crucial yet complex areas such as piping, tanks, and turbines. Our real-time analysis overcomes inspection limitations, ensuring high-quality results.

Mitigating Risks with Advanced Corrosion Solutions

Stay ahead of corrosion and erosion risks with our range of advanced solutions. From predictive corrosion management to thickness gauges, we equip industries with the tools to mitigate potential hazards, safeguarding operations.

Transforming Inspections with Data Analytics

Maximize efficiency with our InspectionWorks Software Platform, turning inspections into valuable data streams. This enables better product design, optimization, and streamlined operations, saving both time and resources.

Ensuring Quality Throughout the Lifecycle

From fabrication to in-service inspections, our expertise combined with advanced ultrasonic instrumentation guarantees outstanding performance. We detect flaws with precision, ensuring the quality and safety of essential parts like turbine blades and rotating equipment.

Tailored Solutions for Wind Turbines

Empower wind turbine inspections with solutions tailored to the specific needs of the energy sector. Increase uptime and prevent downtime with our comprehensive suite of inspection services.

Comprehensive Weld Inspection Solutions

We offer a range of innovative solutions to inspect welds for quality and compliance. From field radiography to remote visual inspection, our technologies ensure weld integrity, meeting the highest industry standards.


At TechCorr USA, we’re committed to delivering advanced NDT services that drive efficiency, safety, and profitability in the energy industry.