Rope Access

TechCorr’s Rope Access Program has been developed organically from within the organization with three key principles in mind:

  • Increase safety
  • Reduce risk
  • Save money

Industries and Assets Served

With these three guiding principles, used in tandem with our full service offering integration and mechanical craft support, our team can successfully deliver full-turnkey solutions to clients in various energy and production industries.


How TechCorr’s service benefits its clients

Many companies claim to blend mechanical crafts with full NDE service offerings in the quest to claim full turnkey solutions, however, few are structured to deliver the required combination of services seamlessly. The TechCorr Rope Access Program has been developed organically from the ground up in order to ensure that all of our services and mechanical craft support are developed with full project delivery in mind. The TechCorr attention to quality is applied and diligently monitored throughout our safe system of work methodology, ensuring that our clients receive a quality product, with reduced upfront planning required, and an efficient turnover upon completion.


Why mechanical craft support?

We’ve built mechanical craft capabilities into our rope access teams in order to offer our clients truly turnkey solutions that eliminate barriers to work, reduce the project planning required from our clients, and severely increase efficiency on a given project.


Cost Saving Advantages

Our primary advantages are Efficiency and Cost Savings. Deploying rope access teams to perform a task will almost always cost less than just the labor to build the scaffold. The savings are profound when scaffold rental fees and delays to your workflow are accounted for, not to mention downtime to your assets if that is a factor. With rope access teams capable of performing your NDE and supporting mechanical crafts, not only do you save substantial money on the cost of access, but savings are baked into nearly every aspect of the project.

Contact us to discuss our Conventional and Advanced NDT pairings, and consider us READY to be your full turnkey Rope Access providers.